How We Approve Posts

Moderation of content results in a better experience for our community. While the onus is still on Creators to ensure their work is trustworthy and error-free, our team still reviews all content before it is posted on the app. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. Does the title accurately reflect the content? Does it avoid misinformation, offensive language, or clickbait phrasing?
  2. Is the graphic consistent with our content guidelines?
  3. Do the data and sources meet our threshold for transparency?

If posts do not meet the above standards, we will contact the Creator in question and ask them to make the necessary changes before reposting.

Here’s what Voronoi’s moderation team does not do:

  1. Approve content from an editorial perspective
  2. Fact check the entire graphic and accompanying text
  3. Judge the “trustworthiness” of sources

Of course, despite everyone’s best efforts, mistakes will happen. If you see a post that doesn’t seem consistent with our guidelines, please flag it and our team will give it a more thorough review.