About Voronoi

Our Mission

To build a home for data storytelling, where users can discover insightful and trusted data from the world’s best creators.

Why a ‘Home’?

The current data storytelling universe is disparate and not built with creators or users in mind. With Voronoi, we aim to unite all those fascinated with data in one place, where visual storytelling, transparency of data sourcing, and community take center stage. In short, this platform will be the home for Data Media.

Data Media, Explained

As the amount of publicly available data increases, along with media literacy, the utility of traditional media is waning. Data Media is the next wave of communication, and is defined by the following attributes:

  1. Data > Opinion: Data Media will have a bias towards facts over opinion. An increasingly data literate population will have access to the facts themselves, and develop their own nuanced opinion.
  2. Transparency: Content should include clearly marked sources, methodology, and even the raw data behind the visualization.
  3. Multimedia: The written word is no longer the default mode of communication. Charts, videos, infographics, diagrams, dashboards, and maps are powerful containers for information – not mere add-ons to written material.