Quickstart Guide for Creators

To post content to Voronoi, you’ll need an approved account. (Apply for a creator account or learn more here.) Once you’re signed up, there are a few simple things to know to get started.

Preparing Your Post

Posts on Voronoi typically consist of three components:

  1. The graphics – For square or portrait orientation, you’ll want a minimum width of 1200px; and for landscape, a minimum width of 1940px. Learn more about designing for mobile screens here.
  2. Written components – All posts require a title, and there is the option of adding written text, and even formatting when users tap in to view your visualization. Post titles should accurately reflect what’s being shown.
  3. Data and sourcing – Most visualizations are backed by data, and on Voronoi, transparency is a priority for our users. In approving posts, we look for a good-faith attempt at providing raw data, methodology, and links to sources used. Spreadsheets need to be in csv format. For extra large spreadsheets, we suggest summarizing the data, or providing a sample and linking to the full dataset.

If you have your graphic and csv file ready, you’ll be able to compose the rest of the post with ease.


Though we live in a mobile world, much of the work of data visualization is still done on desktop. For ease of use, Voronoi posts can be created through our Creator desktop portal. Click the top right button that says “Create a Post” to start the process. Here are the five screens you’ll navigate through as you set up your post:

  1. Title and graphic upload
  2. Post copy and categories/tags
  3. Spreadsheet upload
  4. Sources and notes
  5. Preview and publish

Once your post is published, there is a review process that will take anywhere from 1 to 12 hours before the post goes live on the app. Review times will shorten over time.

Learn more about how we approve posts here.