Become a Creator

Voronoi was built to become the home for data storytelling, where Creators can let their creativity shine and reach millions of people through their work.

To begin with, only approved Creator accounts will have the ability to post content on the app. This safeguards the app against spam and misinformation, and helps ensure a high-quality experience for Voronoi users.

What We Consider in the Application Process

As the app grows, we’ll approve greater numbers of Creator accounts. For now, here’s what we’re looking for in the first cohort of Creators on Voronoi:

  • A history of public-facing data storytelling
  • Image-based work (features like video and interactivity are in development)
  • Work that is error-free and fact-based
  • Creators with work that is generally mobile-friendly will be prioritized

If this sounds exciting to you, we invite you to apply using the form below! Approved Creators will be contacted once the app launches and we begin to scale.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.


Q: Why apply to become a Creator?

A: Firstly, Voronoi is the first platform built specifically for data storytelling. Posts on the app are anchored by data and sourcing, which is critical for building trust with your audience. Next, Voronoi is a new platform, and early Creators will have the unique opportunity to build an engaged audience from the very beginning.

Q: Will Creators be compensated on the platform

A: Yes! But not right from the outset. A top priority for Voronoi is making sure that Creators benefit from their work, both in building an audience and in sharing the value created by the platform as it grows.

In the short term, approved Creators can opt into Visual Capitalist’s Creator Program, and be compensated for work that is published on the Visual Capitalist website and newsletter. See details here.

Q: Can I promote my newsletter/website/social accounts?

A: Yes. Creators can link out from the post copy, and it’s fine to promote external pages within reason.